Let Our Team Work For You

Sales Team in Sussex County for Over 20 years
Sales Team for BHHS in 2023
336 Homes
Sold by Team in 2023
4062 Homes
Sold by Team in the past 10 Years

Where our Buyers Are

Knowing where the Buyers are coming from is just as important as knowing the market. With our extensive market research and years of experience, we know exactly how to target and reach potential buyers.

DAZZLING materials

Beautifully-developed materials are the foundation of our marketing strategy. We take the time to publish carefully crafted messages paired with high-definition photos designed to grab the attention of discerning buyers.

Why Choose Us


When our name goes on a real estate sign, it means something. It’s a promise of integrity, consistency & professionalism.


Our service is evident by the repeat and referral business we enjoy each year. No detail is too small when it comes to your sale. We ensure your transaction is as seamless as possible from listing to the closing table.


We have held the #1 position in Sussex County for over 25 years and currently are #1 in DE Home Sales. Our team of 25 are far and above the best in the area because of their knowledge and experience in the Coastal Delaware market.


Over 60% of our business comes from the over 8,000+ buyers and sellers who refer their friends, families and colleagues to us. Our client network is truly unparalleled locally and Lee Ann personally sells more than 50% of the group's listings.


Whether you're permanently relocating or looking for your second home, our office is staffed and open 7 days a week with a licensed agent on call till 9 pm daily. We are committed to nothing less than the best for each and every client we serve.