Lee Ann Wilkinson and her team set a new standard for realtors. Despite her very busy schedule Lee Ann made herself available immediately when I contacted her to sell my property. Lee Ann's expert and up­to-the-minute understanding of the real estate market and in-depth understanding of what buyers wanted was extraordinary. Her recommendations on how to stage our house and the yard to appeal to target buyers were entirely accurate and actionable. Lee Ann's ability to price our property based on the latest data and her expert opinion resulted in the best possible outcome for us. Lee Ann is trustworthy, kind, considerate, humble, and the very best I have ever seen in real estate. She cares about her clients personally and is driven to please them, which over the years has resulted in a large network of happy lifetime clients whom she can call on as potential buyers when there is a property that suits their needs. All of her detailed work, preparation, and recommendations over a two-week period resulted in multiple offers and a sale the same day our property was listed at a record price driven by market demand and Lee Ann's extraordinary ability to reach the right buyers. 

- Mojdeh