Once known as the "Head of the Broadkill" for its location at the head of the Broadkill River, Milton was first settled in 1672 by English Colonists. The town was known by various names until 1807, when it was named for the English poet, John Milton.

Milton's location made it ideal for shipbuilding and it was home to many sea captains and ship builders. Its shipbuilding heritage remains very important to the town, home to some of the finest Victorian and Colonial architecture in Delaware. Many of the homes have been restored to their original form, particularly those on Union and Federal streets.

Milton was also once known as the "Holly Capital of the World" for their abundant production of Christmas Wreaths and other holiday decorations. Today, the town of Milton celebrates their heritage with an annual Holly Fair at the Milton Fire Hall each December.

Local landmarks include the Historic Milton Theatre, a popular venue for an assortment of programs which include live performances throughout the year. The Milton Historical Society, located in the center of the town's historic district and housed in a former Methodist Church built in 1857.

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The town of Milton serves local residents and also summer tourists in the Milton, Broadkill Beach and Primehook Beach areas. The community has experienced rapid growth in the last several years and its accompanying growing pains, and yet it remains a "paradise found".

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