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Comparative Market Analysis

Overview of Marketing A summary of our marketing program includes unrivaled internet exposure for our real estate listings. While other realtors may send out post cards and list your property in the local paper, they may not have the budget to pay for featured internet listings on major real estate websites. We invest our resources into national, regional, and local real estate portals and other electronic media.

Internet Marketing EACH of our listing are advertised with multiple photos and a virtual home tour. We submit these photos and tours to a host of national real estate websites and pay for a 'featured listings' category, which is the prominent display of a property over other Realtors'. Our own website is constantly evolving with new features and free advice on buying and selling real estate.

Print Media We advertise in the Cape Gazette, The Wilmington News Journal, and Delaware Beach Life.

Newsletters The Lee Ann Wilkinson Group publishes a Glossy Real Estate Newsletter bi-annually, and an annual Statistical re-cap of the Lewes real estate market for the prior year. Prudential Gallo publishes a full-color Premier Homes Brochure each month.

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What our customers think...

From Zillow:

I began working with Mark Robinson more than a year ago, because he was the realtor who got back to me after I expressed an interest in online homes. I visited the area several times, from a distance, and Mark showed me homes that fit my qualifications. After several offers that were unsuccessful, I did find a home that I could consider. Mark was always leading the transaction by getting inspections, estimates, and arranging for solving the numerous issues that may arise in a home buying situation. Mark is patient, understanding, and works to find the right home. Finding Mark as my realtor was a very fortunate consequence. I highly recommend him.

- N. Oates