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No one has a more important role in the home selling process than you, as the seller.  Here are some ways your participation can contribute to a successful sale:


  • Oil squeaky doors
  • Replace torn window screens
  • Repair leaking faucets and/or toilets
  • Remove mildew stains from bathrooms
  • Repair and repaint damaged wall surfaces
  • Replace peeling wallpaper or repaint where needed
  • Make sure all lights work properly and that each room is well-lit

Tip: Find out what needs attention by opening every door and making sure when closed, it's flush with the frame; do the same for windows. Make sure faucets flow properly.

Cut the Clutter

  • Clear kitchen counters, storing small appliances in the cabinets
  • Organize kitchen cupboards
  • Tidy any closets
  • Place small items, such as children's toys, in decorative baskets
  • Remove any old mail, newspapers or magazines
  • Reduce or eliminate the knick-knacks: collectibles, refrigerator magnets, etc.

Tip: Put away family photos and mementos. Buyers often want to picture their own belongings in the home.

Clean and Shine

  • Freshen the whole house
  • Clean appliances inside and out
  • Remove fingerprints from doors, walls and any stainless steel appliances
  • Dust baseboards, paneling and under beds
  • Vacuum furnishings and curtains
  • Make all beds
  • Wash the dishes and put them away
  • Stock each bathroom with clean, fluffy towels

Tip: Try and keep your home spotless - you never know when a buyer will want to stop by.

Show and Sell

  • Light the fireplace when applicable
  • Be sure the home is at a comfortable temperature all year long
  • Let in the light by turning on lamps or opening curtains before a showing
  • Play classical music at a low volume in the background

Tip: Take valuables with you during the showings, or store them in a safety deposit box for the duration.

Curb Appeal

  • Mow the lawn or shovel snow
  • Trim hedges and shrubs
  • Weed gardens, curbs and pathways
  • Clear any litter or debris
  • Repair soffits, eaves and troughs
  • Touch up exterior paint

Tip: First impressions count! House hunters often drive by homes before deciding whether they would like to schedule a tour.

What our customers think...

Lee Ann and her staff operate like a well-oiled machine -- and they all also provide a wonderful personal touch, too. They expertly and efficiently handled every little detail surrounding both my existing home sale and a new home purchase exceedingly well -- everything from providing expert and trusted advice on pricing and negotiations, to connecting me with great local contractors, to taking the most beautiful shots of my home (for marketing) that I've ever seen, to handling the paperwork in the most efficient manner, to ensuring that the local government and utilities were notified of changes in ownership at the appropriate time. I've bought and sold over a half-dozen properties over the past three decades and I can honestly say that I'd never before felt so well supported and worry-free in a real estate transaction, as I have felt when working with Lee Ann and her staff. They are also incredibly responsive, replying almost immediately to any of my phone calls or emails (no matter how silly my questions may have been), as if I was their only client. And there's more: Lee Ann and each and every one of her staff are always exceedingly friendly and delightful to work with. I would recommend working with Lee Ann without reservation.

- A. Salas & C. Torres