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Debraak Preserve is a small neighborhood of large houses. Located directly adjacent to the city beach parking lot, these beach mansions offer spectacular views of the Delaware Bay and easy access to guarded beaches. Most of the homes offer views from multiple decks, lots of parking and are great seasonal rental properties.

Debraak Preserve is named after the H.M.S. Debraak, (Dutch for "The Beagle) a ship which sank in a storm off the coast of Lewes in the late seventeen hundreds. According to popular legend, it sank loaded with millions of dollars in gold.

Technically speaking, Debraak Preserve translates to Beagle Preserve. And since the Lewes City Beaches are relatively dog friendly (dogs are allowed on the beach year round but their hours of access are restricted in the summer), we think it's a fitting name.

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We want to thank Erin so much for sharing a wonderful variety of homes in Lewes...we appreciated so very much your time and effort on Thursday!

-J. & J. Austin