Home Buying Checklist

Know your RIGHTS as a Home Buyer
RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act)
Fair Housing Act
Mortage Borrower's Rights
 Tip #1: Get professional help! Even though the internet gives you unprecedented access to real
estate listings, a buyer's agent can help you unravel the mysteries of the bidding process.
Buying a Retirement Home
Housing Resources for Senior Citizens in Delaware
Top Ten Home Modifications for Seniors
AARP's Guide to "Universal Home Design Principles for Senior Living"
Tip #2. Plan ahead! Shop for a home with modifications which will
allow you to continue living independently as long as possible.
Before You Start Looking for a Home

Clean Up Your Credit History
Your credit score is based on your credit rating from each of the three major credit agencies
(Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). Get a copy of each report and clear up any errors.
Get a copy of all 3 credit reports
for about $50 from Fair Isaac.

Figure Out What You Can Afford
There are a gazillion Mortgage Calculators available online. Here's one from Trust Dynamic.

Get Pre-Approved
Pre-approval is based on your income, debt and credit rating.


  Tip #3: Find out what you can afford BEFORE you start shopping
and you won't face disappointment later on.

  The Hunt is on! Shopping for your Dream Home

Research the Local Communities
Including the school districts - even if you don't have kids (assuming you'll some day want to sell)...Here are a few site with information about the Lewes, Rehoboth and Milton areas

About the Lewes Area

Delaware Beach Blog


Lewes Delaware Chamber of Commerce

Milton Delaware Chamber of Commerce

Rehoboth/Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce

Don't buy a home without professional help - hire a team.
Yes, the internet makes searching for a home so much easier, but just because
you can find a home without an agent doesn't mean you shop for or buy one without
a professional's advice especially one who knows the local market.

Bring a camera and a notebook
When touring homes, bring a camera and a notebook to help you remember details that aren't on the fact sheets,
the view from the back deck, surrounding properties, notes about the layout, style, color, materials,
neighborhood, etc. -anything that might help you remember the property later.

Tip #4: Remember, you're not just buying a house,
you're buying a town....find a good one.
  Once You've Found the Right Home
Hire a Home Inspector
Preferably an engineer with experience doing home surveys in the area you are buying. Be present for the inspection to learn about the heating, electrical, maintenance, overall condition, etc.

Shop For the Best Mortgage Rate
Start on the web with places like lendingtree.com and Eloan - then get on the phone with local lenders (especially any company you already have a relationship wih) and ask if they can offer a better deal. They usually can.

Make Your Offer
Compare the listing price and final price of several recent sales in your area and consider any trends in the market before you write your offer. A buyer's agent can help you plan your strategy.