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Small Town Courtesy

Small Town Courtesy

Lewes, Delaware is more than a town of historic landmarks and beautiful, traditional homes.  It’s also a place where you see someone you know whenever you walk down the street or pick up lunch downtown.  At The Lee Ann Wilkinson Group, we truly appreciate the opportunity to help home buyers and sellers here at the beach, so it is really gratifying to know when the feeling is mutual.  And while all forms of “thank you” are wonderful, I have to admit that a handwritten thank you note always impresses me most.

As with so many small town courtesies, you can find the ‘lost art’ of letter writing here in Lewes. I recently received the following note about one of my buyer’s agents, Garrett King.  I can’t thank Mrs. Raysor enough for taking the time to write a thoughtful letter and let us know we are doing what we set out to do.  It says as much about our wonderful customer as it does about Garrett!

Dear Lee Ann,


I would like to commend one of your staff, Garrett King, He is very able, professional and knowledgeable. Once I called him on a Sunday night to leave a brief message and he picked up the phone spent over an hour patiently answering many questions and showed a command of the facts about specific lots … as well as a thorough knowledge of the area without any information in front of him. In any requests, Garrett always went the extra mile to provide information or solve a problem to a very high standard.


I am indebted to his insight into the sales situation. He communicated to me that he felt the remaining lots would be selling out soon. The lots were all sold within 10 days. Without his understanding of a shift in the market and communication, I would not have known [out of town]. The lot he recommended has unique elements for me … He got it and has made a huge contribution to my future quality of life.


Based on my experience with Garrett, I will not hesitate to recommend your firm to my friends and colleagues. No amount of advertising can give you the reputation for quality as your staff does. I hope all is going well for you.




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